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Tech Giant Comes Up With Horror Warning Related to the Chip Shortage

The approaching end of the global health issue was seen by many as the moment when the chip shortage would also be over, therefore allowing most industry sectors out there to return to pre-2020 production levels.
Carmakers will continue the struggle with the lack of chips 6 photos
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The Ukraine invasion, however, is now causing more concerns related to the global chip inventory.

Toshiba, for example, reminds the world Ukraine is one of the countries that are currently playing a significant role in the global supply of gases such as neon and krypton, and without them, making semiconductors would be rather impossible.

This is why the war is likely to affect the chip inventory as well, and Toshiba says we shouldn’t expect the end of the shortage to happen too soon.

Hiroyuki Sato, the head of Toshiba’s devices unit, has recently been quoted as saying that the tight supply is very likely to continue for one more year. Sato predicted a more substantial recovery for March 2023, but of course, it all depends on whether the war comes to an end by then or not.

Unfortunately, customers worldwide are the ones that would eventually pay the price of this very constrained supply of various materials.

Toshiba admits that at some point, customers would have to “share the burden” because, financially speaking, companies out there can’t cover the price increases entirely.

Carmakers know precisely not only what higher car prices mean but also how painful the lack of semiconductors can become at certain times. Ford, for example, has recently suspended the operations at two of its factories temporarily, as the company decided to put the production of certain models on hold until it receives more chips.

Auto manufacturers expect the global chip supply to improve in the second half of the year, but if Toshiba’s official is right, nobody should really hold their breath to see this happening just yet.


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