First Photo of Ben Affleck as Batman, New Batmobile for 2016's "Batman vs Superman" Revealed

Who do you think is stronger, Batman or Superman? – that's a standard topic of discussion for any school playground. Well guess what: Warner Bros. is going to answer that question with a full movie featuring a stand-off between two of the comicbook world's biggest superheroes, set to come out May 2016.
2016 Batmobile 1 photo
Of course, Batman is a normal human being and he doesn't stand a chance against the Kryptonian, who's basically the most powerful being on our planet. But what his muscles lack a billionaire's pocketbook matches. Say hello to the 2016 Batmobile, peaking from under the covers in a Twitter photo released by the movie's director, Zack Snyder.

More could be revealed later in the week, but for now, this photo is all we have to go on. The styling appears similar to what we saw on Kryptonian war ships that came to earth during "Man of Steel". It's futuristic and elegant, the exact opposite of Chris Nolan's tank-like vision in The Dark Knight trilogy.

Slowly but surely, Warner Bros. is going to bring out all our favorite Justice League heroes to the silver screen. A beautiful Israeli actress by the name Gal Gadot has already been cast into the role of Wonder Woman for "Batman vs. Superman". You guys might remember her as Gisele from Fast & Furious.

We can only presume that seeing this batmobile and three major Justice Leaguers on one screen will be an epic experience unlike any before it.

Update: A Jalopnik tipper has just used "insider" info to back claims that the new Batmobile is in fact a hybrid. Maybe the devices on both sides of the car are electric motors/generations, but until it's actually confirmed, this information seems a little iffy.

"Let's catch the Joker and save the town in zero emissions more!" said no superhero ever.

Updated 2
: How about the first shot of Ben Affleck in a batman suit? Director Zack Snyder has kept to his word and revealed a new image of the batmobile, this time of the cabin. The futuristic look of a stealth fighter combined with the armor of a tank is the best way to describe what we're seeing, and we're no just talking about the caped crusader.

We can expect more teasing and revealing in the coming days, but this is definitely enough to keep fans buzzing and talking for a while. The new Batman suit itself is just as interesting as the car. It's tighter and stronger, coming much closer to the comicbook version than any movie before.

One thing to remember about this new Batman is that the actor playing the role is big. Affleck is 6 ft 4 (1.92 meters), which means he would tower over his predecessor Christian Bale, who's a 6 footer (1.83 meters). Heck, Affleck is even taller than Henry Cavill, who plays Superman (6 ft 1 or 1.85 meters).


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