TCT's Newest Teardrop Balances Cost and Capability To Give Americans What They Need

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Adventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure EditionAdventure Edition
Why are teardrop campers so sought-after? Mainly, it's because they give the outdoor lover the basics they need to live out in the wild. Well, one family-owned crew, TC Teardrops, is now taking orders for their newest addition to the family, the Adventure Edition, and we need to be up to date with this one, folks.
Ladies and gents and lovers of the greater outdoors in all its splendor, lend me your eyes for the next few minutes so that we can get to know a little piece of hardware from one of America's most under-the-radar manufacturers of rather mean little wheeled machines.

I'm talking about TC Teardrops and the work they've been bringing to the camper table since 2008. If the name doesn't sound familiar, you aren't alone. But, note that this family-owned crew has managed to stay alive in an industry already dominated by countless other brands, and that means something.

As for the topic of discussion today, it's got to be their freshest work, or the Adventure Edition (AE), a neat little teardrop camper that came into existence as an answer to what TC's customers have been wanting and asking for. Did I mention that it starts off with a no-gimmick price tag of just $13,500 (€12,500 at current exchange rates)?

Yes, $13,500 is all TC is asking you to have in your pocket if you're going to drive one of these babies off their lot. However, that's for a pretty bare unit, so you'll need to go through the manufacturer's list of gear to bring about its final form. Sure, you're going to need a bit more cash to do so, but as an idea, I created my own dream unit, and I was looking at a price tag of around $23K, so well within teardrop camper bounds.

Adventure Edition
Photo: TCTeardrops
But what are we getting for this sort of cash? Well, that's precisely what we're here for, and all that starts off with a rather unconventional chassis and body design. If you've had a peek at the images in the gallery, you understand what I'm talking about.

Now, the unit we see here does include a few optional pieces of hardware. For example, the steel chassis is the extended version, which also makes room for a toolbox and a double-bicycle rack, all at the front of the unit. Once that base is chosen, a torsion axle rated up to 3,500 lbs (1,588 kg) is thrown on, and standard 15-inch wheels complete the picture.

As for the shell and living space itself, I loved the fact that TC seems to have been inspired by teardrop units from around the globe, in particular, Australian machines. I say this because the galley found at the rear reminds me a whole lot of the ones found in the land down under, with tons of storage space and slide-outs for your goodies.

There's room for a fridge/freezer, wooden shelves for your little knick-knacks, a deep storage bay for things like water or any batteries you may add to the mix, and plenty of countertop space. But again, you'll need to take the time to figure out what you should add to the galley.

Adventure Edition
Photo: TCTeardrops
One aspect of this space that I found rather neat but didn't at first is the hatch that seals in this space. Upon seeing it for the first time, I can say that the flat shape, rather than curved like traditional teardrops, didn't tickle my fancy, but it grew me, in particular, once it was lifted in place and I could see the LED lighting integration that TC carried out.

As for the interior of the cabin, wood continues to be king, and with it, TC once again does things a bit differently than other manufacturers. If you've seen plenty of teardrops in your days, you've noticed that storage compartments typically hover over the bedding.

The AE, on the other hand, incorporates those shelves and storage bays into the forward wall, making good use of a teardrop's bulbous bow and creating a sleeping area that won't have you waking up with sore toes, heels, or foreheads. Entry into the space is made via either side of the unit, and LED lighting is all that's in there as standard. The mattress is extra, but so are bunk beds; yeah, it can do that too.

Adventure Edition
Photo: TCTeardrops
Last but not least, let's head back outside and just take a step back to see all that's really going on here. As we do, be sure to check out this unit's ability to accommodate a roof rack with multiple awnings, gas can holders, spare tire mount, and shiny diamond plating lining the roof. I'm not going to lie; I feel that the plate covering the roof is something that really gives the AE a signature look. Come to think of it, a whole bunch of TC's units include this feature, and I love it!

Before calling it a day, I want you to relax your body and mind for a bit and just daydream about what your life may be like with one of these habitats. See yourself waking up on a beach to the sounds of waves crashing, or maybe you're in the middle of the woods, with the birds as your morning alarm. Crawl out of your unit, stretch those bones, and get ready for the day, be it with e-bikes, kayaks, fishing, or just sitting around existing in the proverbial garden, as god intended.

All that's left to do now is sit back and go through the list of goodies you can add to an AE and see just how much you'll be ringing up at the register. Just be warned; once you're done, you could very well be looking at your next camper, so have that checkbook ready.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery display Adventure Edition campers with an aray of optional features.

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