TCISS - A Program That Made Toyota the World’s Biggest Automaker

Many believe that Volkswagen, as its name suggests, came with the idea of the people’s car - affordable, reliable, not flashy and mass produced. Well, Toyota beat the German automaker in its own game for quite some time now.
Toyota Assembly Line 1 photo
Photo: Toyota
From the beginning, Toyota put the customer first and started to think from his perspective in order to create its quality vehicles, perfectly suited for the average consumer that needs reliability, comfort and low running costs.

In 1949 Toyota introduced a program called the Statistical Quality Control and in May 1951 it was expanded to include a new concept named the Toyota Creative Idea and Suggestion System (TCISS).

TCISS can basically be traduced in “massive brainstorming,” as it allowed every Toyota employee to participate in improving its products quality by making informed suggestions, an empowerment that was previously held only by the upper management staff.

This meant that average people could express their opinion on how an average car should be. The system was also motivating people to participate by introducing the Individual Annual Award to honor the top suggestions with medals.

In time, the system become steadily more productive and by 1974 it generated over 1 million creative idea submission. In 1984 there were 10 million, in 1988 20 million and in 2011 there were 40 millions. Now that really is massive brainstorming, isn’t it?

That’s why a Toyota can go 1 million kilometers if you service it properly; that’s why a normal consumer will see beyond the vehicle’s looks and will remain loyal; that’s why you now see a Toyota everywhere you turn your head and ultimately, that’s why Toyota now gained enough confidence to offer you both reliability and attractive designs.

via Toyota Blog
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