Taxi Driver Has Absurd Excuse For Speeding, The Police Didn't Buy It

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Dorset traffic cops anonymously tells the tale of the most outlandish excuse for speedingDorset traffic cops anonymously tells the tale of the most outlandish excuse for speedingDorset traffic cops anonymously tells the tale of the most outlandish excuse for speeding
Being a taxi driver can be just as nasty as being a passenger in this means of transportation. You have to deal with people you might not like, and some of them might smell bad.
A British taxi driver was pulled over in Bournemouth by the Dorset traffic police last Thursday. The unnamed driver was caught speeding with a marked police cruiser that he had passed.

When asked why he was speeding, the cabby claimed that his three passengers suffered from flatulence, and he wanted to end the ride as soon as possible. Evidently, the three customers were going to pay for the trip, and the taxi’s windows were operational.

The creative excuse (nobody bothered to check the claims of the driver) did not help the driver get his way out of the fine. A Facebook account that represented the traffic cops of Dorset published the story anonymously for everyone to learn about the lame excuse that someone tried to use to avoid a ticket.

The person that handles the account explained that the said driver would have to choose between paying a £100 fine and getting three penalty points on his license, or participating in the £110 education course.

Regardless, the officers considered that the speed of travel recorded by the radar machine was too high for the area where it happened to let the driver off with just a warning.

This story goes to show that you cannot come up with a creative excuse for speeding through populated areas and hope to get away with it. Who knows, maybe if the driver was not going as fast as police officers said he was, there might have been a chance for him to be let off with just a warning.

If you get pulled over by the police, be polite no matter the circumstances that you are experiencing. Being angry or lying to the officers will not bring a positive solution to your problems.

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