Tasteful and Luxurious European Travel Trailer Brand Is Owned by American RV Giant

Did you know that Thor Industries, one of America's largest RV conglomerates, has its fingers in the European market too? Yup, and today, we're going to explore an off-shoot brand that has our European brothers and sisters enjoying the finer things in life.
Buccaneer Caravan 14 photos
Photo: Elddis / Erwin Hymer Group / Edited by autoevolution
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Folks, Buccaneer is a brand of travel trailers that the United Kingdom considers their "most luxurious touring caravan." Whether or not that's true, it remains to be tested. Still, once we're done with this little exploration into the available lineup, you might also consider that statement true. However, as luxurious as things may be, prices for a new Buccaneer start at around £46,500, or around $58,000. Not a bad price to pay for luxury.

Overall, the Buccaneer lineup is signaled by five different layouts tuned to varying needs and wants. Some can even accommodate a family of six. However, a few features apply to all, and that's what we'll focus on most. For starters, each unit is built with a patented SoLiD system, resulting in a travel trailer with a full-bonded construction. It's light, strong, and even comes with a 10-year warranty.

Now, as we explore this class, the layout and the materials used to bring it to life may seem familiar. Suppose you've been keeping up with autoevolution. In that case, you may have noticed other articles our team has composed on European and British manufacturers. Well, most of these brands are part of the Erwin Hymer Group, meaning that construction processes and materials tend to be very similar, if not the same. Oh, and so we're on the same page here, Erwin Hymer is, in turn, owned by Thor.

Buccaneer Aruba
Photo: Elddis / Erwin Hymer Group
For the sake of argument, I'll be using the Aruba floorplan as the basis for what the Buccaneer lineup represents, not to mention that this is also the largest of the available layouts. Also, while reading the following words, try and imagine you and your family in the center of all the action. To do so, we'll be using a side entry door that places you and your family smack dab in the center of the living room.

To your left, a massive, modular lounge with opposing seating sits underneath large forward-facing windows. With more windows along the sides of the unit, 270 degrees of viewing is available. Be sure to take in the large skylights overhead, including the one extending toward the Buccaneer's rear. In the absence of natural light, LED lighting is also available and can be spotted overhead and under cabinetry.

Upon heading toward the unit's rear, we'll encounter a U-shaped dinette to the left, and along the starboard wall, a galley that makes my in-home kitchen seem cheap offers all the necessary appliances to feed that family of six. There's a three-burner top, grill, oven, microwave, fridge, and even a vent that can extract and introduce air from and into the kitchen.

Up next, we pass the fridge on our right, a large wardrobe on the left, and also, on the left side of Aruba, a large bathroom is included. No, it's not a wet bath, but rather, it has all the systems, like the shower, toilet, and vanity, separate from one another. Once you've taken your shower and stepped out of the bathroom, throw yourself upon a double bed with your loved one next to you.

Buccaneer Aruba Dinette
Photo: Elddis / Erwin Hymer Group
Now, as you explore the images in the gallery, did you notice all the little knick-knacks that give Aruba its allure? I'm talking about things like shower tile, chrome fittings, vinyl flooring, backlit headboard, pet-friendly upholstery, and so much more. How about a remote-controlled leveling system or diamond-cut alloy wheels? The only system that I would beef up is the solar panel setup. As standard, Aruba only features a 100 W panel from Truma.

Sure, I can talk about LEDs, hot water systems, and safety features until the cows come home, but this sort of mobile habitat is about more than indoor living. Sue, there's more than enough to keep you alive for days on end between destinations, but when you reach that campsite you've been aiming for, the Buccaneers can integrate themselves into your outdoor lifestyle too. If you brought along an outdoor dining set, now's the time to prepare the area. Maybe the kids want to sleep in a tent outside. Pull the awning over them for some protection and let them have the fun they want. Why not prepare a little fire and make S'mores?

The next day, you and the gang leave the Buccaneer in place while exploring the natural world around you. Maybe you brought along some e-bikes or kayaks. Upon your return from the wild, you'll find your unit as you left it, with batteries recharged, the fridge still running, and plenty of cushions to take care of your tired bones. Remember to wash the dust off and switch into your PJs. It sounds like a lifestyle that encompasses the best of both worlds; luxurious city-inspired living in the middle of the natural world. An experience for sure, and one that's rather accessible, if you ask me.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Buccaneer model years and interiors.

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