Tanker Truck Driving Underwater Spotted by Boat

Who invented the truck? That's a tough question, but most would agree Daimler made the first one in 1896. It was belt driven and produced 4 horsepower. However, while the Germans came up with the idea, it's the Russians who used it to its full potential.
Truck-boat 1 photo
They John McGivered trucks for pretty much everything - as personal vehicles, dragsters, drift machines and anything you can think of. But a boat? That's a stretch of the imagination if ever we've heard one.

Just like us, these boat passengers were completely shocked to see a huge fuel tanker in the middle of what we can only assume is a river or a man-made flood lake. The water is about 2 meters tall and the truck is not crossing the river, it's driving along its length… like a boss.

Pushing a huge mountain of wake water, the cab of the truck is almost completely submerged, but the tanker is uncovered. Could it be that it's… empty and floating? In any case, the drive is unlikely to be able to see where he's going and with water to the top of the windows, he could easily drown.

Maybe the reason why he's honking is because he's in trouble. Or maybe honking is the traditional Russian way of saying "hello fellow creature of the river". We'll never know.

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