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Taku-Tanku Is a Two-Wheeled House You Can Tow with a Bike

Nothing gives you more freedom than throwing a tent in the trunk and hitting the road with some friends. But how many of you found out that sleeping in a tent is not that great? Maybe something more solid and off the ground would have been more appropriate... something like a big plastic water tank perhaps.
the Taku-Tanku water tank caravan 6 photos
Taku-Tanku eco caravanTaku-Tanku eco caravanTaku-Tanku eco caravanTaku-Tanku eco caravanTaku-Tanku eco caravan
No kidding. A Japanese company named Stereotank, in collaboration with Takahiro Fukuda, created a prototype towable caravan out of some more or less common items as part of the Little House Competition in Saitama, Japan.

The living space consists of two 3,000 l (670 gal) bright yellow plastic water tanks connected by a ring of wood at the middle. The wooden ring acts as a strengthening point as well as a support for the side window, door and skylight.

All the construction sits on a two-wheeled trailer which enables you to tow it by car, foot or even a bicycle because it’s very light. That’s due to its minimalist design, construction and the fact that the interior only comes with a floor and solar-powered LEDs for illumination, the rest depending on you to decorate and fit other convenience accessories.

Unfortunately, the project hasn’t got past the paper or CAD phase. The company is looking for a sponsor to create the first Taku-Tanku prototype, which might cost about $8,000 to $10,000. A bit too much for what it offers, but we hope they find a simpler way to built it and offer them on the market soon. Who here hasn’t had enough of those ugly white caravans that almost suggest you gave up on life to slow traffic and be average?


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