Take the Most Intimate Trip This Valentine’s Day Weekend in a Knaus Boxdrive

Let’s face it, everyone just wants to get out of the house these days. And it seems like this Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect time to do that. But you’ve got to make sure you and your partner are taken care of.
2021 Boxdrive Camper Van 12 photos
Photo: Knaus Tabbert AG
2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van2021 Boxdrive Camper Van
What are your plans for this coming weekend? If you’re someone with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or even married, this weekend is the perfect excuse to take some one-on-one time away from all others. But how are you going to be doing this? Hotels don’t seem like the kind of place you want to hang out in during a worldwide health crisis, and it’s just too damn freezing to pitch a tent - around these parts at least.

The answer to the above questions is the camper van you see in the cover photo. It’s known as the Boxdrive and it comes from none other than renowned Knaus. You may have heard of this company on our site before, but if you haven’t, let’s go through a quick introduction of the team.

Back in 1960, a man with a dream decided he wanted to be at home anytime, anywhere, and started hitting the mobile home and caravan scene with what would later become the pinnacle of such designs. 60 years later, and with trials and tribulations to match, this team brings forth some of the most impressive motorhomes and campers vans around.

2021 Boxdrive Camper Van
Photo: Knaus Tabbert AG
One of those vehicles is the above-mentioned Boxdrive. For starters, the chassis and motor for the Boxdrive is a MAN TGE 35 2.0L TDI with a 6-speed gearbox that crunches out a solid 251 lb-ft (340 Nm) of torque. If you think it’s not much, understand that this little puppy can tow a max load of 2,000 kg (4,409 lbs).

Since not many people care much about the exterior of something like this, I'm going to jump right inside. After all, vehicles like these are only there to meet the necessary requirements of indoor spaces while you explore the outside world. Let’s take a gander at what we’ve got in store for this weekend.

The interior of the Boxdrive is only suitable for a maximum of three guests. My advice is leave the kid at home with the in-laws and get the heck out of town before someone changes their mind. You'll thank me as this means that everything from dinette to bedroom and even cab will be reserved solely for you two lovebirds.

2021 Boxdrive Camper Van
Photo: Knaus Tabbert AG
If you’ve been planning this weekend for some time now and really want to surprise your spouse with that new recipe you’ve been learning, the kitchen will offer you all the necessary equipment to do so. A two-burner cooker with a glass cover and sink should be enough for any master chef to show off his or her skills. If you have some leftovers, a 90-liter (19.8-gallon) fridge is there to keep things fresh.

One area I like because of its versatility is the dining room. Here we find a dinette table with a swivel top, seat bench with side pull-out, and three-stage lounge functions. This area can also be transformed into a guest bed if needed. I propose just leaving it in bedding function this weekend.

As for the main area where you should be spending most of this weekend, the bedroom is ready with a bed that can be raised or lowered depending on the flow of traffic through the van, exposing plenty of storage space underneath and above.

2021 Boxdrive Camper Van
Photo: Knaus Tabbert AG
To make sure you’re nice and clean in case things get messy out in the woods, an open bathroom with a shower cabin and bi-functional wash basin are available. A Dometic cassette swivel toilet is also found among the amenities.

Listen, it’s a bit difficult to understand how all of this works together in this seemingly small space, so I do urge you to check out the gallery if you haven’t done so already. When you do that, try and use a little bit of imagination to see how your weekend would unfurl inside the Boxdrive. I know it would be enough space for me and my spouse.

If all this sounds like a good idea for you and your lifestyle, be warned, one of the downsides of getting a Boxdrive is that you’ll have to go through a dealership to do so. That always means paying a middle-man fee, though it is difficult to say how much you’ll end up paying since there are also several options you can tack on.

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