Take Notes Hoovies Garage, Here's How to LS Swap a Porsche 911 Properly

LS1 911 14 photos
Photo: Hemmings Private Seller
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If you're as big of long-time fans of Hoovies Garage on YouTube as some of us at autoevolution are, you'll no doubt look back fondly on one of his most memorably early projects. Tyler Hoover's LS3-swapped 996 Carrera 911 called "Apollo 911" was one of Hoovie's earliest projects to go truly viral. Transforming a goofy car dealer and business owner from Kansas into the patron saint of hoopties.
Sadly, like most of the hoopties Hoovie purchased afterward, Apollo 911 spectacularly failed and puked its guts up not once but twice, with both the original drivetrain and the transplanted LS3 V8. No disrespect to the Car Wizard, Hoovie's master technician who helped Hoovie tremendously with Apollo 911's engine swap. It's not like he didn't have five feet 11 inches of goofball auto vlogger hanging around him the whole time.

But the whole ordeal had fans wondering what an Apollo 911 type LS-swapped Porsche project would have looked like had it been long-term sustainable. Well, we think we finally have our answer. Without out further adieu, this LS1-swapped 1981 Porsche 911 SC for sale vis a private Hemmings resident out of Sumner, Washington, sure fits the description we're after. It may not exactly be period correct to Hovie's 911, but it's close enough.

And while Hoovie's 996 was undoubtedly pretty wicked looking, you can't help but think this 1981 911 SC modified to look like the 935 K3 race car beats it in the looks department. In its days before becoming our newest internet darling, this 911 was a bonafide TV Star.

It had a starring role in the late 2000s V series "Saving Grace," starring Holly Hunter and Leon Rippy. When that series wrapped up, the car began a profound transformation into something far more interesting than it was stock.

LS1 911
Photo: Hemings Private Seller
Of course, it started with a wonderful-looking body kit. It consists of bits and pieces of 911 models from more or less a similar time period as the 930-era derived base car. This included fenders from later slant-nosed variants of the 930 and modified to feature fixed headlamps. Meanwhile, The bottom half of the car's front bumper comes from a Porsche 930 S front spoiler, and the rear fenders come from a 935 K3.

It was all professionally bonded together and given a flashy coat of white paint in 2017 to make for an instant head turner wherever it drives. As for the interior, it's equally derived from other Porsches. Particularly a 1988 930 911, and all the electrics, climate control systems, and door locks are in good working order.

The radio unit is now replaced with a modern Alpine CD/MP3/Bluetooth unit, so the car isn't without at least the bare essential modern creature comforts. They've already got us sold on the exterior and interior alone, but then we get to the engine.

As mentioned, it's a 5.7-liter LS1 V8 with an aluminum block, fuel injection, and cranking 410 horsepower and 400 lb-ft (542.3 N-m) of torque to the tires. Speaking of tires, they're Michelin Pilot Super Sports, so feel free to take that racing line to your heart's content. All that power is fed through a five-speed Porsche Type 915 five-speed manual transmission modified to have a taller fifth gear.

LS1 911
Photo: Hemings Private Seller
It's all street legal, the engine's all-American, and this car is 100 percent spectacular. There's even a complete and comprehensive list of every modification to the interior, exterior, and drivetrain. All good things for justifying this one-of-a-kind Porsche's considerable asking price of $68,200 before taxes and fees.

By no means a small sum of money. But we're shocked it's not a six-figure show car for what you're getting out of it. Hopefully, this one will stay intact a little longer than Tyler Hoover's Apollo 911. We love you, Hoovie! Never stop being yourself.

Check back soon for more custom car profiles and so much more here on autoevolution.
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