Take a Walk amongst the Rarest BMWs Ever Made Including a V16 7 Series and V12 Z3

the Rarest BMWs Ever Made 20 photos
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
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The term ‘Holy Grail’ is widely used today, losing some of its essence along the way but what we’re about to show you definitely isn’t an overstatement. At least not for any true BMW brand fan.
Over the years, the Germans made some quite stunning cars and we’re not talking about those that anyone could buy but about rare models too, experiments if you will, that were deemed too crazy for normal people.

They are kept in a 4-floor garage that spans over 4,000 square meters (43,055 sq feet) and includes every type of rare car and bike ever made. These true Frankenstein experiments still raise the hairs on my back, no matter how old or freakish they look.

Special cars are kept in a climate controlled enclosure that makes sure they won’t rust. We’re talking about F1 and F2 cars that are iconic for their era as well as the first 6 electric cars the brand ever made along with the first ever made M1.

Other uniques include a 7 Series with a V16 engine that was never put into production but was rather used as a rat lab to see how much power the chassis could take. Such experiments were also done on the Z3 chassis that received a V12 and on the X5 Le Mans prototype that borrowed a similar architecture.

But crazy M cars are not the only stunners here. The collection also includes classics such as 507 Roadsters and 328s (that’s right, plural!) alongside movie stars like the Mini Mr. Bean drove and Tom Cruise’s 6 Series or Agent 007’s 7 Series. That last one also features a real-life saw that is functional to this day and says hello from the bonnet.

The guys from the German show Grip had the chance to enter this true vault and a Mecca for any BMW fan. Needless to say that the presenter was stunned by what he saw and most times struggled for words. We’d probably be the same in his shoes. Fortunately for him, he even got to play around with a couple of them. First, he drove a 3.0CSL and then he got to play James Bond from the back seat just like you saw in the movie.

Thankfully, they got it all on camera so we recommend you grab some popcorn and turn off your cell phones for the next 27 minutes. You won’t regret it. Enjoy!

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