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Take a Virtual Stroll Through the World's Largest Junkyard, Home to 4,500 Cars

Described by its owner as the "world's largest known classic car junkyard," Old Car City USA stretches over 34 acres of land in White, Georgia, and it's home to about 4,500 vehicles.
Old Car City USA junkyard 6 photos
Old Car City USA junkyardOld Car City USA junkyardOld Car City USA junkyardOld Car City USA junkyardOld Car City USA junkyard
But is it, indeed, the world's largest junkyard? Well, there are no junkyard statistics to compare so I guess we'll never know, but it probably is the world's largest classic car junkyard. Because while the U.S. is packed with massive scrapyards, they all include newer cars. Old Car City USA is indeed home to classic vehicles only.

And impressively enough, this property has been in business for more than 90 years. Sure, it was nothing more than a small general store when it all began in 1931, but this place has been family-owned and operated ever since. And based on the numbers amount of cars parked here, it probably became a junkyard at least 50 or 60 years ago.

Not surprisingly, the place is quite famous. Documented by popular media outlets like the New York Times and BBC over the years, Old Car City USA gets a lot of attention from junkyard enthusiasts and photographers. And yes, you've seen it in these pages before as well.

The last time we checked it out we did it via a couple of long videos by YouTube's "Classic Car Rescue." The footage has since been removed, but fortunately the folks over at "Vice Grip Garage" visited Old Car City USA while traveling for the 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour.

The walkaround is a bit short relative to the junkyard's size but hey, at least we get to see some of the cool classics that have been retired here. The collection also includes a few celebrity cars, starting with the 1946 Ford truck used in the 1983 film "Murder in Coweta County," starring Johnny Cash and Andy Griffith. The list also includes the last vehicle Elvis Presley ever bought in 1977, just a couple of months before he died.

If you want to see these cars for yourself, you can do so for $20. Admission is only $10 for children aged seven to 12 and free for children aged six and younger. If you want to bring a camera to take photos or record, admission is $30. Remember to pack a lunch though, because you could spend a whole day there.

Meanwhile, you can check out a short walk-around of the property in the video below. Actual junkyard footage begins at the 20-minute mark and lasts about seven minutes.

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