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Taiwanese Scooter Traffic Will Blow Your Mind

Traffic jams and congestion are only two of the “modern day urban plagues”. As population keeps on flowing towards the big cities and urban conglomerates sprout in all corners of the world, it’s only natural that the existing roads become insufficient for the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the move. In many countries, cars have been replaced with public transport, bicycles, motorbikes and scooters because they are more economical and seem to generate less stress finding a parking spot.
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Scooters seem to be one of the most favored means of transportation in Asia: they are small and can effortlessly streak through lines of slow or stopped cars, they are also fast enough to make it from point A to point B in a short time even though we’re talking about 15-mile (24 km) ranges or more, are affordable and cheap to maintain.
However, when it comes to scooter versus larger cars, things look easy. The bigger a vehicle is, the bigger the free space around him is, too, and this leaves a gap which may be large enough for a slim-profiled two-wheeler to pass through.

But all this stops being funny when you’re riding along several thousands of other fellow scooter-riders… which seems to be the case in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. This “exodus” appears to take place every day, possibly in both directions across the bridges of Taipei City, with thousands of people riding their scooters to work.

The clutter favors lower speeds, but it’s hard to imagine how things would look if one rider goes down in the middle of this stampede. Though strange for some, these chaps look quite relaxed, possibly after doing this for years. So next time when you’re starting to get mad for missing the second green light, remember these folks.

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