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Taito Three-Wheeler Lets Nuns Go Wild, Claims to Be the Grown-Up of Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are fun, but they are not the most stable vehicles out there, nor do they offer the smoothest riding experience. The Taito three-wheeler was designed to keep you safe so you can focus on enjoying your ride.
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Taito three-wheeled e-scooterTaito three-wheeled e-scooterTaito three-wheeled e-scooterTaito three-wheeled e-scooterTaito three-wheeled e-scooterTaito three-wheeled e-scooterTaito three-wheeled e-scooter
The brainchild of a Belgium-based company, the Taito won us over with its funny promo. Long story short, a frustrated nun discovers that it’s easier to ride on the right but shaky path in comfort and style (on a Taito scooter) than to cycle on it. But we’re not going to give you any more spoilers, you can watch the video below this article.

Back to the scooter, Taito argues that it went with the three-wheel configuration and the wide, floating bamboo deck for a reason: to improve stability and offer superior riding comfort. And when also paired with Taito’s patent-pending suspension system, this scooter becomes immune to potholes, cobblestones, and any other hindrances that stop you from fully enjoying your ride. The wheeler’s powerful LED lights, integrated indicators, and red Rider Light in the rear further enhance safety.

Taito’s scooter has a modular design that makes it easy for you to repair or replace broken parts. It weighs 35 lb (16 kg) and is equipped with 10” wheels with pneumatic tires. It features a 500W motor with a peak power of 1000W and a 48V/10 Ah battery that takes three hours to fully charge. Speed-wise, the scooter can top 15.5 mph (25 kph). It offers a range of up to 18.6 miles (30 km).

And just like any respectable, up-to-date electric scooter on the market, Taito also comes with a mobile app that lets you safely mount your phone on the handlebars and access plenty of settings, options, and data.

Taito lets clients customize their scooters in terms of frame and deck color and the board can also be engraved with personalized messages, the owner’s name, etc.

Right now, the three-wheeler is available on Indiegogo for approximately $2,000, with the estimated delivery date being August 2022.

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