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Tabloids Claim Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans Are "at War," They Have a Laugh

Tabloids have a habit of attempting to ignite sparks and throw gas at them just for attracting readers.
Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans, and The Stig 1 photo
Every once in a while, they have proper information, but it is mostly just speculation. In this article, we see another sample of tabloids attempting to spark a feud between an already tense team - the new Top Gear crew. British tabloids like The Sun and Entertainment Daily claim that Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans are “at war.

The publications said that Evans did not approve of LeBlanc from the first moment the “Friends” star was proposed for the show, and the recent Cenotaph fiasco has made the two presenters hate each other.

According to The Sun, Evans blamed Matt LeBlanc for the idea of filming Ken Block and his Hoonicorn Mustang tear donuts near the historical monument.

The story caught on in the media yesterday, as it seemed plausible because Evans publicly apologized for the stunt on live radio and Twitter, while Matt LeBlanc kept silent about the event.

If one added up the facts in a narrow-minded view, it would appear as Chris Evans took the high road and said sorry on behalf of the team, while Matt LeBlanc waited for the storm to calm down.

Unfortunately for the tabloids, they were wrong this time, Autoblog notes. Both Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans responded to the story on Twitter, and made fun of the whole “at war” thing.

If you look at it from the experience of working in a team in a modern environment, it is easy to see why the lead presenter of the new Top Gear show apologized on behalf of the team, while one of the new members (and his other colleagues) stood silently on the side.

After all, Chris Evans is a familiar face in the United Kingdom, and his apology means more than a message from Matt LeBlanc to current British viewers. The latter also represents the group offended by the Cenotaph stunt, as the monument commemorates the British soldiers that lost their lives in battle during World War I and WWII, so something LeBlanc had no connection to, while the most famous Briton on the team could grasp.



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