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T-Pain Rides a CanAm Spider: Didn’t Like the Twizy?

Who says all rappers act alike? Well, T-Pain would be one of the ones that don’t really care about crazy million-dollar cars and prefers having fun. When he’s not busy establishing new trends in music, like he did years ago being the artist who reinvented the Auto-Tune, he cares only of riding in his toys.
T-Pain Rides a CanAm Spider: Didn’t Like the Twizy? 1 photo
Faheem Rasheed Najm on his real name is definitely one of the successful rappers out there that doesn’t really enjoy showing off that much. Since his debut album, “Rappa Ternt Sanga”, released in 2005, he managed to produce another two very appreciated ones that bolstered him in the “books of the great.” In 2007, he released his “Epiphany” album, which reached number one on the Billboard200. Next year, “Thr33 Ringz” followed. T-Pain won two Grammy Awards alongside artists Kanye West and Jamie Foxx.

We’re looking at a 28-year old rapper that put his signature on the Auto-Tune pitch correction effect, being the artist that used it the most and popularized it into the rap and pop industry. In fact, in 2009 he joined with iPhone app creator, Smule, to produce a new app entitled “I Am T-Pain.” It allows people to use his style of Auto-Tune in karaoke.

All this considered you’d expect the guy to go all Lambos and Bugattis. Well, it’s not like that with T-Pain. Last time he was holding his hands on a steering wheel, it was a Renault Twizy he rented in France a couple of weeks ago. Now he posted an image of his what seems to be a new CanAm Spyder RS-S.

However, this three-wheeler is not that harmless you’d think. We’re looking at a $18,099 (EUR 13,300) ride that comes packed with a 100 horsepower engine, which makes it stronger than a 2005 Harley Davidson Road King.


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