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Sylvan Sport Is About to Upgrade the RV Market With Upcoming Vast Travel Trailer
Let's face it, the past few decades of American RV history haven't seen much change. However, we're now seeing a shift in products, their abilities, and styling and design recently.

Sylvan Sport Is About to Upgrade the RV Market With Upcoming Vast Travel Trailer

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One American crew that's making a push towards a different kind of outdoor lifestyle is SylvanSport, an outdoor gear manufacturer that's been around since 2004. The reason they went into this business is to make outdoor living and experiences as accessible as possible. We've featured some of their works before, the GO travel trailer and Dine O Max portable camp kitchen.

Well, this time around, SylvanSport has announced that they're taking reservation deposits on their future adventure travel trailer, Vast. What is Vast? Well, that's really the purpose of this article- to help you grasp what's in store for next year, quite possibly, a new trend.

Just to kick things off, SylvanSport will be selling the Vast for a starting MSRP of 52,900 USD (45,757 EUR at current exchange rates). For this sort of cash, you receive an extruded aluminum frame trailer with composite skin and insulation, while double-capped corners keep the elements out of the structure.

A dry weight of 4,250 lbs (1,927 kg) and GVWR of 5,000 lbs (2,267 kg) means that 750 lbs (340 kg) of cargo capacity are available, while a length of 21.58 ft (3.57 m) and a width of 7.08 ft (2.16 m) yield quite the structure. It's not the smallest trailer around, but in comparison to others around this weight and size, Sylvan seems to have been able to keep weight to a minimum.

Now, the Vast is designed for two things, living and playing. Helping you live off-grid for as long as possible, Sylvan equips the Vast with 30 gallons (113 liters) on freshwater, a 10-liter (2.64-gallon) Truma Combi furnace, and water heater, Dometic 11,000 BTU AV unit, and adorned galley, bedroom, and bathroom. Since no clear floorplan is yet revealed and the images in the gallery aren't very helpful in picturing a layout, I'll just inform you regarding what's inside.

Helping you cook your meals, Sylvan has whipped up a neat little galley that can be used inside and outside the RV. Set upon a slide-out system, the galley is equipped with a sink, countertop, shelves, and two-burner stove. A microwave oven and additional countertop are available too. Hanging racks and a portable fridge/freezer make up the rest of this modular galley.

Four guests can sleep in the Vast and spread out over two queen mattresses. One is set up on a EuroLoft lifting bed with 880 lb (399 kg) capacity, and the other, a modular dinette. Once you've opened your eyes to a new day, a bathroom with a full-size residential shower, fold-down sink and faucet, and a 4.75-gallon (21.6-liter) toilet can be accessed.

As for the playful features that the Vast may include, SylvanSport made sure to include things like side-mount rails and boat racks for kayaks and the likes, an interior bike-mounting system, and an exterior awning to help you set up outside activities.

Speaking of outdoor activities, to help integrate the living space of Vast into its environment, Sylvan designed the trailer with a massive starboard opening that allows guests from the interior to interact with folks outside. The rear sees another integrative feature in the shape and function of a massive window, helping you peek at the world around you from the comfort of your bed.

One other aspect that Sylvan decided to develop is that of being able to customize your Vast to your liking. Remember, the features and elements of this adventure travel trailer that I just brought to light are standard. In truth, if you want more than this, like let's say, throwing on a solar kit, maybe even more cargo racks and rails, SylvanSport is the sort of team that would be more than willing to hear how you'd like to spend even more cash than their MSRP, something to consider if you're in the market for a trailer next year.


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