Swiss Mobile Roller Coaster Looks (and Feels?) like a Medieval Torture Machine

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When we think of rural fairs, we have this idyllic image in our heads of people parading their crops, their handmade potteries or wicker baskets and inviting everyone to taste some fresh cheese or something. If said fair happens to take place in Switzerland, you might want to add some purple cows and Heidi in the mix as well.
In reality, though, these people really know how to have fun. There are probably huge quantities of alcoholic beverages being consumed, so naturally a lot of strange things - some would even say unexplainable - will start to happen.

One such event - the Bassersdorfer Fasnacht - is held in the Swiss village of Bassersdorf, near Zurich, where people bring the weirdest contraptions you can think of and parade them in front of the crowds that can hardly be seen from all the wurst smoke coming from all the stands nearby.

There is really no limit to what you can see there, ranging from a motorcycle made with huge tractor tires that will obviously never be ridden to this roller coaster on a platform that could very well be called “the Breaker of Necks.”

It takes a brave man to look at this thing and not cringe at the thought of actually going for a ride. It takes an absolutely insane person to climb into that thing resembling a mine cart with a car seat in it and allow themselves to be pushed forward by the two men who look dangerously close to a couple of executioners. On the other hand, if you’ve loitered too long around the schnapps stand, then you might actually believe it would be a good idea. Look on the bright side: at the end of the ride, you’ll surely vomit, so there’s room for more schnapps.

To say the ride doesn’t look safe is a ridiculous understatement. Roller-coasters are built by professional engineers and are studied and tested like crazy before making it out to the public. This thing? Not only does it look like a torture machine, it probably also feels like one. Just look at that very tight loop where the rider’s head is basically stationary. If you come out of this thing alive, you might get a phone call from NASA in the following days.

The public isn’t helping either. The man couldn’t be feeling very at ease, so hearing the “oooooh” chant builds the pressure even further. You can see the man pointing to his groin area as the cart is heading towards the end of the track, and while we don’t speak the local language, I think we all know what that means. And we’re not judging, not at all. We would have done that even before the launch.

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