SVOLT Now Wants to Offer Energy Storage Solutions Based on LFP

Tesla did not start the market of energy storage. Despite that, its solutions like the Powerwall, Powerpack, and Megapack are the ones that call most of the attention, either by its celebrations or failures. SVOLT wants a piece of that market and announced its CE-Series of ESU (energy storage units).
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SVolt NMX Cell and the Ora Cherry CatOra Cherry CatOra Cherry CatSVolt CellsSVolt NMX
The pompous name refers to large battery packs that have the goal of storing electricity. In businesses and houses with solar panels, they accumulate what these systems produce to use this energy when it is really needed. In the ones with no generation solutions, they work simply as a backup.

Unlike Tesla, SVOLT is betting on LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cells to power its ESUs. These batteries deliver 280 Ah and 3.2 V. According to the Chinese cell company, the CE-Series ESU provides “high flexibility, scalability, intelligence, reliability, safety, and standardization.” SVOLT reminds us that the ESUs can also be used to fast charge electric cars.

According to the Chinese company, the CE-M-100/200 Medium-scale solution has fire protection mechanisms to prevent thermal runaway episodes, which LFP cells are already less prone to experiencing. SVOLT says that these characteristics make its ESUs safe, strong, and smart, something it calls the 3-S principle.

From what it disclosed, these energy storage systems are already for sale. In 2023, the company will sell “modular liquid-cooled ESS components.” That gives us the idea that the ESUs sold now will be able to upgrade to liquid-cooling if they are necessary for their applications. In 2023, SVOLT will also offer Smart Energy Professional Services. Unfortunately, it did not state what they would do, but the name suggests that people may rent the ESUs instead of buying them.

The smart part of the deal relates to far more than just choosing the right chemistry to offer these ESUs. SVOLT claims to have incorporated AI (artificial intelligence) into the systems so that they can be monitored more effectively. AI would allow the company’s ESUs to warn and predict possible faults in advance. It would also map large amounts of data.
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Editor's note: The gallery presents images of another SVOLT product, the cobalt-free cell. It is not used in these ESUs and is here just to represent SVOLT's portfolio.

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