SVolt Announces It Will Sell Cobalt-Free Battery With 240 Wh/Kg

So far, anyone willing to get rid of cobalt would have to buy an electric car with LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cells. All other batteries have that precious metal, even if in small proportions. SVolt decided to get rid of it and announced it would do so by the end of the year with its new LNMO (lithium-nickel-manganese-oxide) solution, one that offers 240 Wh/kg. For a proper comparison, the 2170 cell Tesla uses offers 260 Wh/kg.
SVolt NMX Cell and the Ora Cherry Cat 6 photos
Photo: SVolt and Ora
SVolt NMX Cell and the Ora Cherry CatOra Cherry CatOra Cherry CatSVolt CellsSVolt NMX
According to SVolt, the new cell offers way more advantages than the higher energy density compared to LFP cells (around 160 Wh/kg). CNEVPost stated that it achieves more than 3,000 cycles and a hot box test at 150ºC. SVolt would also have tested it in an overcharge test, and it managed to resist up to a 140 percent SOC (state of charge).

The first vehicle to present these innovative batteries – also called NMX – will be the Ora Cherry Cat, the company’s first crossover. Ora is the company that caused controversy with its VW Beetle copy at the Auto Shanghai 2021. Ironically, the Ora Punk Cat is already patent-protected in Europe without any opposition by Volkswagen that we are aware of.

Regarding the Cherry Cat, it is considered as the EV version of the WEY Macchiato, Great Wall’s luxury brand. The electric crossover is 4.51 meters long, 1.86 m wide, 1.67 m tall, and has a wheelbase of 2.71 m (longer than the new Toyota Corolla Cross).

With 1,855 kg of curb weight, the Cherry Cat has a 180 km/h top speed and will offer RWD and AWD derivatives. Entry-level versions will be powered by a 66 kW (89 hp) motor, and the more entertaining ones may have up to 150 kW (201 hp).

We expect the new SVolt NMX batteries to be in way more cars than the Ora Cherry Cat, possibly from other manufacturers as well. Although SVolt is a Great Wall spin-off, it probably does not want to depend on that brand to expand.

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