Suzuki Samurai Off-Road Underwater Driving

Drivers who are only used to rely on a road to get from A to B, and not just them, will be amazed to see just how capable an off-roader is, but the vehicle in the adjacent image just takes things to a whole new level.
Don't bother to read the description of the video, this is not a Jeep, it's a Suzuki Samurai. This is a vehicle that, in stock form, could be mistaken for a hairdresser's car, However, it's anything but. You only need a reasonable amount of mods to turn the Samurai into one of the most capable offorad vehicles the world has ever seen.

The example in the adjacent video had been fitted with goodeis like a new suspension and a snorkel. Oh, and it's also got a crazy driver and passenger. The vehicle is driver straight into a lake and the reaches a maximum wading depth that should drown the occupants, but somehow doesn't. Click "play" and you will CUT won't understand!


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