Suzuki Rumored to Add Turbocharging to Its GSX-R Family

Suzuki's name makes it once more on the front page of the "Rumor Telegraph" after new patent sketches surface. You've probably guessed; these sketches show what appears to be new GSX-R bikes that Hamamatsu is said to be working on. However, the fact that a turbocharger also appears in these drawings seems to steal the show.
Suzuki XN85 Turbo 6 photos
Suzuki turbocharged bike patent drawingsSuzuki turbocharged bike patent drawingsSuzuki turbocharged bike patent drawingsSuzuki turbocharged bike patent drawingsSuzuki XN85 Turbo
It's not the first time when Suzuki and turbochargers are in the same sentence, especially considering that Hamamatsu unveiled the Recursion 600cc forced-induction concept years ago. Little progress has been made since then, at least as far as what the media managed to find out. All the news and rumors were based on similar patent drawings, and Suzuki kept every bit of relevant info under strict control.

Rumors about a turbocharged Hayabusa also surfaced, but in the absence of credible info, everything revolves around suppositions and the usual guessing game.

The bikes featured in these new drawings look very similar to the GSX-R750 and GSX-R1000, making us dream about new, force-fed versions of the two engines, and maybe even seeing them introduced this autumn at Intermot or EICMA. It's difficult to say how realistic such expectations are, but we'd say that more info will perspire in case Hamamatsu has real plans to show turbocharged superbikes this year.

Kawasaki's supercharged Ninja H2 and H2R caused quite a stir in the industry, bringing back a technology that was considered no longer worthy to use in modern bikes. After riders had put these two bikes through their paces, the world started to see once more the potential and the advantages of forced-induction engines used in motorcycles.

With the emission regulations becoming stricter each several years, manufacturers are forced to find methods to retain the power and character of their engines while complying with the pollution standards.

Supercharging and turbocharging are now rumored to be regarded as the "new messiah." It will be interesting to watch the whole thing, especially as the force-fed bikes become the new fad...


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