Suzuki Jimny 63 AMG Is a Rendering That Refuses to Die

It's pretty rare for a crossover or SUV to reach the peak of its notoriety late in its life. But that's what Suzuki achieved with the all-new Jimny, thanks to clever styling.
Suzuki Jimny 63 AMG rendering 2 photos
Suzuki Jimny 63 AMG Is a Rendering That Refuses to Die
A decade ago, many car fans couldn't even spell Jimny. Sure, it was the same rugged, practical little thing, but refinement levels were way down and styling was nothing to talk about. But ever since we saw the first photos of this generation, back in 2018, people have been saying how much it looks like a Mercedes G-Class.

You've probably grown acclimatized to the idea, but we're talking a potential ten-fold price variation between an exotic European and a Japanese copycat. Such a thing probably hasn't happened since the "poor man's Ferrari," the Toyota MR2.

And like with the Midship Runabout 2-seater, there are people who take it to the next level. We've seen one delicious-looking body kit that makes the Jimny look almost exactly like the G63 in the Emirates, as well as multiple Japanese kits from shops like DAMD or Liberty Walk.

But today, we have a rendering, not something palpable. The Russian website Kolesa put this together, clearly referencing not only the G63, but a hardcore Brabus version named the GV12, after its 12-cylinder engine swap. The new bumper, hood scoop, wheels, exhaust and every small piece of trim in these photos come from this tuner, meaning the Mercedes brand is not the one being "trespassed."

So if a G-Class can be powered by a V12 instead of a V8, does that mean the Jimny needs a swap too? Well, such things have happened with past Suzuki 4x4s, but the engines are usually chosen for their reliability and torque, not outright performance.

If you want to see the full extent of the technological and feature gap between a Jimny and the G63, check out Carwow's unusual off-road race.

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