Suzuki GSX-R600 Receives a Redneck Industrial Tap Exhaust

Here is one motorcycle exhaust that is guaranteed to fail any technical inspection, and even more, it may also generate hysterical laughter from the peers of the rider who implemented it. So far, we thought we've seen almost all there was to see in the world of exhausts, but the video below is a strong reminder that "never say never" is as valid as it gets.
Yes, this is what it appears to be, unfortunately 1 photo
From exhaust pipes made from bamboo to large DIY megaphone cones attached to the collectors, people have been searching for ways to make their machines look and especially sound different.

Still, not everyone is capable or willing to fork out a grand or so and buy a top-drawer silencer that's been engineered to deliver both performance and tonal enhancement. And when low-budget or no-budget builds come into discussion, we can expect anything.

Well, at least almost anything, because seeing an industrial tap integrated on a Suzuki GSX-R between the collector and the silencer was not on the radar, neither we could imagine someone doing it.

Anyway, this is as real as it gets, despite the fact that the whole contraption looks ridiculous and adds bulk to the Gixxer. Basically, it sort of changes the sound of the exhaust, not necessarily in a good way, while making the bike heavier and looking like hell. Which is the very opposite of what aftermarket exhausts do...

Even more, with the added weight, we also doubt that the bracket would endure the rigors of the road. Looking at things, it would not take too long until the vibrations and weight caused the passenger footrest to collapse, most likely bending the collector and adding more damage to the poor Gixxer. This isn't even a nice joke attempt...


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