The Hooligun
When your two-wheeler begs for a fresh aesthetic, you should look no further than Perth’s Rogue Motorcycles.

Suzuki DR-Z400E “Hooligun” Is the Custom Motorcycle Equivalent of a Proud Knight

The HooligunThe HooligunThe HooligunThe HooligunThe HooligunThe HooligunThe HooligunThe HooligunThe HooligunThe Hooligun
Marijn Kuijken (aka Billy) was introduced to the art of metalwork as early as the age of ten, when Kuijken Senior – a well-versed craftsman – took his three curious sons into the workshop and showed them the way around various techniques. From that moment on, the seed was planted. As he grew up, Billy would spend countless hours modifying scooters in his garage, so it became clear that a second passion for two-wheeled machines was in the making.

Little did young Marijn know, this hobby would eventually morph into a full-time occupation. After they’ve packed their bags and moved to Australia, Billy and Silvie (his fiancée) decided it was time to establish their very own motorcycle customization mecca. As such, Rogue Motorcycles was born in the city of Perth.

Besides specializing in full-blown bespoke undertakings, the firm also deals with creating aftermarket componentry and some of the funkiest moto-themed casual apparel items you’ll ever come across. Since we’re here to talk about custom bikes, we can probably leave the clothing aside and get straight to the point.

The Hooligun
In this article’s photo gallery, you’ll find an ominous Suzuki DR-Z400E that goes by the name of “Hooligun.” As soon as the donor rolled into Rogue’s surgery room, Marijn kicked things off by deleting its wheels, subframe and factory bodywork. Some of DR-Z’s stock modules were sold to increase the budget for this build, then the modifications began in earnest.

Naturally, a guy like Kuijken will begin with the cosmetics, so he went straight to work designing an aluminum subframe, along with a couple of stainless-steel turnbuckles to hold it in place. The alloy skeleton comes equipped with a tidy LED lighting strip that’s barely visible until it’s turned on. Hooligun’s taillight is joined by a triplet of LED assemblies at the front end, where you will also spot a laser-cut fairing rounding out the desired aesthetic.

In between the fork legs, we’re greeted by a carbon fiber fender, while a handsome solo saddle can be seen taking pride of place atop the fresh subframe. Furthermore, the original gas chamber was removed to make room for a Yamaha SR400’s repurposed alternative, thus completing the new outfit in style. When the aforementioned adjustments had been taken care of, it was time for Billy to address DR-Z400E’s suspension by installing a Kawasaki ZX-7's shock absorber.

The Hooligun
To keep engine temperatures in check, the standard radiator has been discarded in favor of a Honda CR250’s higher-spec module. The 398cc single-cylinder powerplant exhales via a unique stainless-steel header, which is topped with a tiny muffler developed by Lossa Engineering. In the cockpit, the Hooligun houses a digital Motogadget speedometer, aftermarket grips and alloy levers, as well as custom switches and a handsome pair of underslung mirrors.

The head-turner sprints on 17-inch Excel hoops, whose rims are embraced by premium rubber from Shinko’s catalog. For the finishing touches, Marijn fabricated an assortment of classy accessories in-house, such as bespoke foot pegs, an aluminum chain guard and a one-off sprocket cover. Well, we thought the previous Rogue-branded ventures we’ve explored were just about as good as it gets, but this bad boy made us change our minds!

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