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SUVs Outsold Sedans in the US According to IHS

Global information company IHS informs that U.S. drivers are slowly ditching sedans over SUVs. Including crossovers and CUV models, sport utility vehicles account for 36.5 percent of new-vehicle registrations from January through May, while sedans were met with a 35.4 percent market share.
Chevrolet Traverse 1 photo
Even though the latter was the best-selling type of automobile for several decades, three-box cars have lost domination Stateside after leading with a 35.25 percent average market share in 2013. Most people think that SUVs are lifestyle vehicles that use more fuel than needed, but that's not really the case nowadays. Available in all shapes and sizes, benefiting from two or four-wheel drive and equipped with anything from frugal four-pots to big V8s, recent years have seen SUV sales soar.

Truth be told, there's a lot of beautifully styled, technologically advanced and appropiately priced sedans out there, but sport utility vehicles have the upper hand in this day and age for more than one reason. First and foremost, they offer that coveted high riding position, better off-road capability and towing credentials, as well as more space for all your bits and bobs and even seating for seven on some models.

Secondly, we all know cars are bought mainly by heart, not out of fuel economy and other analytical mumbo-jumbo, so this type of vehicle appeals way more than a sedan to a varied group of customers of all ages. Mid-sized SUVs and crossover models enjoy that much demand that some automakers started phasing out XXL sized models that are selling poorly because of the aforementioned.

Although the newcomers are stealing customers that 5 years ago would've purchased a sedan or large truck-based SUV, we all know that trends come and go. Thus, this is not the end of the good ol' sedan.


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