Surprise Trailer Attack in Russia

Mother Russia is full of surprises. Day by day, it offers something new to surprise us or it’s citizens. Take this video for example. What can possibly go wrong on a sunny winter day while you drive along on a two-lane snow covered road?
Trailer Attacks Car 1 photo
A random trailer pulled by a tractor can suddenly go rogue, detach from its pulling vehicle and attack your car as you pass by. That's what can happen!

Don’t worry, Russian vehicles have not morphed into Decepticons yet. The accident happened when the trailer encountered a snow bump on the road, making it jump and detach from the tractor. As the side of the road was like a wall of piled snow, the trailer bounced off right into an oncoming Mazda3 sedan.

Luckily, the trailer hit only the back side of the car, otherwise its driver would have been decapitated.


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