Surprise, Surprise: Volvo V90 Is the Next Swedish Model to Get a 1:43 Reveal

Volvo V90 6 photos
Volvo V90 1:43 scale modelVolvo V90 1:43 scale modelVolvo V90 1:43 scale modelVolvo V90 1:43 scale modelVolvo V90 1:43 scale model
We thought this scale model preview of future full-scale cars might catch on, but we didn’t think only two weeks would pass until another one of these toy cars would break cover.
Alas, here it is: the still-to-come Volvo V90, the wagon version of the previously leaked S90 photographed even more carefully than its saloon counterpart. And yes, you guessed it right, it’s the same source as in the previous cases.

That industrious employee of the model car factory in China seems to have stolen the family version of the new Volvo model as well, even though it was previously reported by CarNewsChina that all the scale models were recovered bar the two sedans pictured in the previous release.

Well, it looks like the thieving employee didn’t part with his catch before submitting it to a very thorough photo shoot, one that will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about how the new Volvo V90 will look.

The car appears to have a very long wheelbase, which we all know means tons of interior space - long legged boys and gals, rejoice. Pushing the wheels towards the car’s four corners also improves handling, so we’re expecting the new Volvos to drive at least decently. They won’t probably endanger BMW’s reign as king of dynamics, but they should provide an enjoyable experience.

Further on, the classic vertical Volvo station wagon rear is gone, and in comes something closer to what the XC90 and XC60 are offering. Some will miss that (you know who you are), but the new design language used by the latest Volvo models wouldn’t have gone that well with a straight cut tailgate.

Like the S90 saloon, the V90 will continue in the same direction launched by the XC90 SUV concerning drivetrains. That means the S90 will be using four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines, with the option of a hybrid powertrain thrown into the mix. Total power output will most likely range from 193 hp for the D4 diesel to a maximum of 405 hp offered by the T8 hybrid model.

We say give this man a better camera. Give him a DSLR with a macro lens and let him take shots of the interior as well. He’s doing a far better job than those poor carparazzi freezing in the cold only to catch a burst of images with a camouflage covered mule.
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