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SuRi, "World's Most Adventurous Superyacht" Can Be Chartered for $350K
What makes a superyacht what it is? It could be its ability to explore or its ability to offer luxury and comfort. In the case of the SuRi, it's all about being "The world's most adventurous superyacht."

SuRi, "World's Most Adventurous Superyacht" Can Be Chartered for $350K

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Folks, the amalgam of vehicles and toys you see is nothing more than the SuRi superyacht laid out in all its splendor and glory. Considered by some, including its owners, to be "The world's most adventurous superyacht," get ready for one heck of a ride into a vessel that even you can take a trip on, as long as you've got the cash; I'll get to that shortly.

To make things clear, there are a few things you must know about SuRi. First off, the owner of this adventure-oriented machine is none other than The International SeaKeepers Society, a marine research, science, and conservation group aiming to spread education about marine ecosystems. Best of all, SuRi is available for charter, so you, too, can hitch a one-week trip for 350,000 USD (312,095 EUR at current exchange rates).

Next is the builder behind this toy box, Halter Marine, a shipyard right out of the United States. Since their appearance in 1956, this crew has grown to be known as a go-to team of medium-sized ships from the U.S. Time to see what they've done with SuRi that's granting it the title I mentioned.

Now, SuRi is the sort of superyacht that is purpose-oriented, meaning that aside from the luxury and lifestyle superyachts offer, guests can also explore the ship's research abilities via countless toys and gear. Overall, SuRi is 208 feet (63.4 meters) long but will only accommodate 12 guests and 20 crew. The rest of the space is reserved for the features I'll be running through and a whole lot more.

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this one, but we've got to start somewhere, so why not with the toys. First of all, if I were to try and go through all the toys and gear that SuRi offers its guests, we'd be here for quite a while. So, what I'll be doing is just running through a few things that may be of most interest.

If you happened to have had a look in the gallery, you noticed an airplane sitting at the rear of SuRi. Is it just me, or is this the first time you see an airplane as part of a superyacht's toy lineup? However, this feature will only be available to guests that opt for an air adventure package; bring your checkbook.

Up next, things like a tender and day boat, inflatable watercraft, and even a sailboat can be seen in the images. Wakeboards, countless kayaks of different styles, hoverboards, jet skis, rowboats, even hybrid bikes. Fishing and diving gear? Yup, that's available too. Feeling nostalgic and want a helicopter? Go for it. Why not opt for the submersible too. If you're not into watersports, there's an inflatable rock wall that can be set up or a waterslide.

Speaking of folks that aren't into watersports, for the sun lizards among your group, SuRi features countless deck activities and spaces aimed at relaxation and overall luxury. Areas like a spa center with massage rooms, an underwater viewing room built into the hull, and countless lounges offer relaxation and pampering at its highest level. Even a kid's room is found to help you escape responsibility.

If you check out the SuRi website, you really can get lost in the number of adventures and toys this craft offers, so if you do want to find out more, give a click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph and Explore SuRi to its fullest extent. But, be warned, you just may find the next $350K adventure to spend your cash on.


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