Supermodel Hairdo in BMW Wind Tunnel, Video Included

The association between a beautiful woman and a car has been used in commercial purposes for decades to promote... the car of course. Recently, BMW used the same trick but to illustrate the 22 years of progress in automobile development.

And what would be the best way to highlight a car than a hot supermodel and a wind tunnel? A hairdo test! The new BMW wind tunnel in the north of Munich was therefore put to work.

Sylvie van der Vaart, dressed in an eighties-style Bordeaux-colored dress, sits in a 1987 open-top BMW 3 Series Convertible. So far, so good. Her hair is put in a perfect shape by a hairstylist. “I’m a little on edge because I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen with all this wind. But BMW has assured me that it’s all safe,” she says.

The wind tunnel’s rotor starts to turn and it transforms from a gentle breath of air into a stiff breeze at 60 km/h. The result: Sylvie’s hairdo looks like it never existed. The supermodel gets her hair restyled and then gets into a a current 3 Series Convertible, this time dressed into a business look, waiting for the wind tunnel to start again.

The improved aerodynamics of the vehicle with reduced air turbulence in the interior is clearly visible. The long, straight hairstyle is maintained. “What a difference from the older model! I couldn’t feel the wind at all - I even had to check to see if they'd even turned it on," she says.

Unfortunately, shortly after the the shoot in Munich, van de Vaart was diagnosed with cancer at an early stage and successfully treated. According to BMW, she quickly got used to wearing a wig and continues to drive open top.

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