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Supercar Massacre: Ferrari 360 on Fire in Houston

It’s jinxed I tell you, jinxed! Either there are too many video cameras pointed at Ferraris across the world and we’re just getting the impression they are cursed, or people are intentionally setting them ablaze to get Youtube hits or insurance money.
I’m not a superstitions man by nature, but only a couple of days ago, there was a video of a newer 599 GTO on fire in Dubai, and now GT Spirit has stumbled upon this video of what looks to be a black 360 Modena.

This time, the blazed car is situated in Houston, Texas, at 610 and Braeswood, according to the video description. The video was taken using a phone camera, so it’s not of the greatest quality, but it’s clear that the flames have engulfed the engine bay first.


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