Supercar-Loaded Truck Flips in France, Exotics Get Seriously Damaged

Supercar crashes are painful enough on their own, but when a truck hauling exotics is involved in an accident, the cringe factor goes through the roof.
Supercar-Loaded Truck Flips in France 7 photos
Photo: forocoches forums
Supercar-Loaded Truck Flips in France: rescueSupercar-Loaded Truck Flips in France: GallardoSupercar-Loaded Truck Flips in France: GallardoSupercar-Loaded Truck Flips in France: Shelby GT500Supercar-Loaded Truck Flips in France: Porsche 911Supercar-Loaded Truck Flips in France:
The latest example of this kind comes from France, where such an unfortunate event seems to have taken place on Friday.

The truck in question came with a load that could very well make up a somewhat down-to-earth high-octane collection any enthusiasts would dream of. Many of these cars have now spilt their oil on France's A12 highway.

To be more precise, we're talking about a pair of Lamborghini Gallardos, a Ferrari F430, a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, a Porsche Cayman, as well as a track-savvy Porsche 911 - we've left the Neunelfer for the end of the enumeration since this is one of the strangest we've seen in a while. While we'd be tempted to tell you this is a 997.1 GT3 RS, the Carrera S decals on the side beg to differ.

Especially since, with the exception of the Cayenne necessary evil, all these cars are nothing short of superb examples of the analogue driving machine philosophy, this is a memorable accident.

However, what comes next is rather predictable. Depending on what caused the accident (no details have surfaced), we expect the driver of the truck to have a difficult career ahead of him, while the extensive damage will give the insurance company a serious reminder of how risky their field of work is.

Given the small resolution of the pics, it's difficult to be 100 percent sure of this, but all of the go-fast machines involved in the crash seem to be ready to return to the road after the mandatory servicing work is completed. Here's to hoping no chassis was bent.

And yes, you Euro metal spotters, the pic above has been captured from inside a Renault Twingo (via the forocoches forums). Since the first generation of the diminutive Renault has become some sort of a symbol of the average French family's second car, this shouldn't come as a surprise.
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