Super Motor Salt Shaker Custom Bike

Some would say that a custom bike has to be a big bike. Dutch motorcycle manufacturers Super Motors beg to differ, and to back up their position, here's their latest creation, the Custom Salt Shaker.
Super Motor Salt Shaker 7 photos
Super Motor Salt ShakerSuper Motor Salt ShakerSuper Motor Salt ShakerSuper Motor Salt ShakerSuper Motor Salt ShakerSuper Motor Salt Shaker
If you like bikes screaming the old classic attitude and clean styling, then you'll love the Salt Shaker. It comes with a ton of simplicity and yet there's more to it than meets the eye. You're looking at a race bike, believe it or not!

Super Motors' product line comprised 50cc and 100cc bikes, and the manufacturers wanted something a tad bigger. And since “let's make it bigger” is usually the open door to a completely new and different project, here's this nifty piece of bike craftsmanship.

The Salt Shaker was built on a Super Cub frame receiving an additional reinforcement tube linking the fuel tank and front of the bike and now doubling as a 250cc fuel reserve. The 150cc engine has been finely tuned and can now produce 22 BHP and 13 Nm (just under 10 ft-lbs), which is quite a lot for a bike that small.

Salt Shaker boasts a 26mm Mikuni carburetor and comes with a 4-speed manual gearbox. Fitting in racing tires, Super Motors have already stated that they'll take part in the Bonneville Speedweek next year and maybe attempt some class record-breaking. But until then, you can see the The Salt Shaker in Milan, at the EICMA soon.


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