Sunseeker 50M Ocean Is the Ultimate Machine for the Reserved Millionaire

50M Ocean Yacht 21 photos
Photo: Sunseeker
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Over the years, the yachting industry has seen countless manufacturers that have tried to be the next big thing; too few make it very far. One crew that's still going strong is Sunseeker.
If the name Sunseeker sounds familiar, it's because autoevolution has featured several of its works over the years. If you've never heard of them, then this article should help you get a very good idea of what this crew can achieve and why they're still alive in a very cutthroat industry.

Sunseeker was founded in 1969, and right from the get-go, they began by tailoring a "new kind of boat." Like most newcomers on the market, they tried to do things differently, succeeding in the process. After all, here we are today, checking out a modern ship, the 50M Ocean.

Now, Ocean is a ship that is considered a tri-deck yacht, but in reality, there are four decks, one's hidden under the water's surface. While Sunseeker makes no mention of what materials are used to build Ocean, the most commonly occurring setup is a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. Overall, it comes in with a length of 48.35 m (159 ft) and features a bean of 8.55 m (28.1 ft). A draft of 2.1 m (7 ft) ensures that you can enter little coves and ride near coastlines.

50M Ocean Yacht Interior Lounge
Photo: Sunseeker
To get a good understanding of what's available on Ocean, it'll help to start on the top deck and work our way down. While you'd expect the uppermost deck to be reserved for the wheelhouse, Ocean's top deck is reserved for nothing more than relaxation and sun. While there are plenty of lounging options, the inclusion of a jacuzzi makes this the perfect place to be spotted as you float into port.

The wheelhouse is actually found on the deck below, in front of which sits an exterior lounge and a tender garage, crane included. Aft this deck, alfresco dining, and a full-beam lounge is spotted. The interior area includes a couple of lounge options, and near the wheelhouse, the captain's quarters.

The most attractive deck should be the main deck. At the bow, an owner's loft is the only sleeping quarter on this deck and includes its own en-suite lounge and large private bathroom. A galley, an entertainment center, and an interior dining table will be towards the rear. Outside, another jacuzzi, several lounge beds, and a meeting area are available, but so is access to the beach deck and bar below.

Once you've reached the beach deck, the rear and sides of Ocean's hull unfurl to create platforms that are perfect for diving, set up tables and chairs, and offer easy access to another toy and tender garage inside the hull. Also, on this deck, all VIP and crew quarters will be housed. Overall, 10 guests and nine crew are allowed on the ship.

50M Ocean Yacht Beach Club
Photo: Sunseeker
Now, I understand that the images in the gallery are just renderings that offer an idea of what the interior can look like, but in the end, each ship is considered a custom job, as not all owners want wooden flooring, marble tables, art-deco lighting, and leather seating. Maybe you don't want chandeliers.

As for the power behind 50M Ocean, it's provided by MTU and can pump 5,280 PS (5,207 HP); it's enough to move this luxury-filled behemoth along at a speed upwards of 20.5 knots (23.6 mph). While there's no mention of range, Ocean will be able to carry 45,000 liters (9,898 gallons) of fuel.

As for the question on most of our minds, it's hard to pin down a specific price for this machine as these babies usually end up being custom jobs. So far, no one seems to have stepped forward and told the world how much they paid for their 50M Ocean.

But, previous models, 40M Ocean yachts, are selling for no less than 10 million USD. Expect to tack on at least another 4 million USD just because it's bigger, stylish, and more capable. Something to consider if you end up making a fortune this year.
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