Sunreef Releases First Images of Its Solar-Electric 80 Eco Catamaran Cruising in Dubai

Poland-based yacht builder Sunreef launched its Eco line of vessels to align with the current trend and switch to a greener, more sustainable business model, while still maintaining a focus on opulence and high quality. Its Sunreef 80 Eco is described as the world’s most advanced sustainable luxury catamaran and it’s the flagship of the series, serving as a pioneer in the world of responsible yachting. The manufacturer has recently revealed the first pictures with it in action.
Sunreef 80 Eco Solar-Electric Catamaran 6 photos
Sunreef 80 Eco solar-electric catamaranSunreef 80 Eco solar-electric catamaranSunreef 80 Eco solar-electric catamaranSunreef 80 Eco solar-electric catamaranSunreef 80 Eco solar-electric catamaran
The catamaran you see in the pictures is the first model in the manufacturer’s 24-meter (78 ft) series and was unveiled last spring. It was recently delivered in Dubai and Sunreef decided to give us a sneak peek of it, releasing the first images of it on the water.

What you’re seeing is a fully autonomous watercraft that uses two 180 kW electric engines and solar panels to deliver a smooth, silent, and green cruising experience. It is also capable of generating energy while under sail. The vessel comes with ultralight composite-integrated solar panels built into its hull sides, mast, superstructure, and bimini roof. These proprietary solar panels that are produced in-house power the battery pack and cover an area of 164 sq m (1,765 sq ft). They can generate up to 32 kWp of energy.

Sunreef’s 80 Eco catamaran has a four-cabin layout and can accommodate up to 10 guests. It features a contemporary design that emphasizes sports and entertainment.

Sunreef Yachts doesn’t mention the price of its 80 Eco catamaran, but it promises to reveal more photos of it soon, so we’ll keep you posted.

Its Eco line includes both sailing yachts and power yachts and they both range in size from 12 m to 30 m (40 ft to 100 ft). In addition to combining solar panels with lithium battery packs, and wind turbines, the green catamarans use sustainable, ethically-sourced materials, and feature a patent-pending, in-house produced solar skin.

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