Sunny EV Is Solar and Battery-Powered Cargo Solution for Urban Streets

Let's face it, every single vehicle that we’ve ever seen has started in someone’s head and then progressed onto a sheet of paper. From here, concepts go onto the renderings stage where they either die or get made into some sort of scale model. Heck, some concepts even attend international design competitions.
Sunny EV Concept 9 photos
Photo: Bako Motors
Sunny EV ConceptSunny EV Concept Solar RoofSunny EV Concept Rear HatchSunny EV ConceptSunny EV ConceptSunny EV ConceptSunny EV ConceptSunny EV Concept
Such is the case with Bako Motors (BM) and a little vehicle known as Sunny and their recent appearance at the 2021 IAA Mobility show. So far, all we know about BM is that they are a Tunisian-German startup with one goal in mind, to offer the next generation of completely clean and eco-friendly vehicles, relying heavily on the sun as a source for power.

As for Sunny, this vehicle seems to be only in the rendering stages, and BM’s attendance at the IAA may have been just to hook some investors. Whatever the reason for going to the IAA, one thing is for sure, the team at BM really put some thought into the design you see, and that’s what may be the actual let-down.

Now, the manufacturer’s website doesn’t show much about the design, and even though there is a “Pre Order” button, if you click it, nothing happens. Nor will you find a price for Sunny; you must get in touch with the manufacturer first. But, among the few photos the manufacturer does provide, a few words about some of this vehicle’s capabilities and specs are mentioned, all be it, not much.

Sunny EV Concept
Photo: Bako Motors
What we do know is that this EV isn’t just battery-powered like most others around, but with the addition of a solar roof, Sunny is able to cruise up to 50 km (31 miles) on solar energy alone. Coupled with a lithium-ion battery system that BM will provide, a range of 100 km (62 miles) is available.

Furthermore, the Sunny is clearly a three-wheeler. However, if you’ve ever ridden an ATC, you know just how tricky turns can be at high speeds. Now, take what you know about ATCs, and to the rear of one, add a top-heavy construction that’s meant to carry cargo and you have a Sunny.

This brings me to the next set of information we have about this conceptual wonder, its uses and abilities. One of the bits of info that BM makes visible is that the Sunny is a vehicle designed as an urban solution, mainly for cargo distribution.

Sunny EV Concept
Photo: Bako Motors / Facebook
With this in mind, BM made the Sunny small enough to squeeze through narrow streets, all the while, carrying your most recent Amazon acquisition. To do that, this vehicle is designed with that massive rear cube-like structure. Inside, up to 350 kg (772 lbs) of gear, hardware, goods, and groceries can be housed. Just imagine a fleet of these EVs.

One thing that BM looks like they considered, is the ability to safely maneuver a vehicle like this. On the manufacturer’s website, it’s also mentioned that Sunny is a low-speed solution. This keeps both the driver and any pedestrian or local traffic, safe.

Driver entry into the vehicle is completed via the access doors on the side of the EV, while cargo is to be loaded and unloaded via the rear door or hatch. Throw on a couple of LED headlights, a windshield wiper, and you have yourself a vehicle that’s worthy of showing up to an international mobility show.

But why haven’t we heard much about this wonder? Well, I'll let you think about all that for a moment and remind you that you can comment below on why this EV hasn’t gotten much attention.
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