Sun Reflecting Off London Skyscreaper Melts a Jaguar XJ

A new skyscraper which is currently under construction in London is reportedly to blame for causing about $1,500 of damage to a Jaguar XJ that had been parked near it. Falling debris? No. Apparently, the shape of the glass facade focuses the rays of the sun into a concentrated beam, a bit like the way use a magnifier to burn ants.
Jaguar fried by London Skyscraper 1 photo
According to the BBC, the heat from the building melted a sideview mirror, plastic C-pillar cover and Jaguar emblem. The company that's building the skyscraper has agreed to pay for the repairs. London authorities have also decided to close a few of the parking bays in the Canary Wharf district near it to ensure no more cars are damaged.

Hopefully, there will be a class in architecture school that teaches you how not to make a giant death-ray that melts Jags.

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