Sugababe Amelle Berrabah's Girls Fun Over After Her Friend Is Arrested

Since we like to show you the hottest and funniest news related to stars and their car driving experiences, we just couldn't have let this out as it's way too stupid/dumb/idiot to deprive you of the roaring with laughter privilege.

It seems that “innocent” celebs get tickets as well although it is supposed they are not actually guilty of the accusation. So, here it goes.

The Russian designer Nicole Sconciaforni, Sugababes singer Amelle Berrabah's friend, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license and obstruction yesterday morning, The Daily Mail reported.

The story is, however, more complicated than it looks at first glance. The two girls went outside the club they were having some innocent fun in to smoke a cigarette but since the below zero temperatures didn't fit with their club clothing, they entered into Sconciaforni's nearby parked Porsche to keep warm. Since a smoke gets well with a drink, Berrabah carried her Mai Tai cocktail outside the club  into the car. Apparently, they were still freezing in the car so, they decided to turn on the engine while it was parked outside the club.

Although the car didn't move a centimeter from its parking spot, the police patrolling in the neighborhood noticed the two women with alcohol in the car and thought they were drunken driving. Immediately after, they asked the two party-girls to get out of the Porsche and invited them for a talk in the police car.

After about 30 minuted of discussions, the two girls went back to the club to take their stuff and, not long after that, their ways split. Berrabah got home into a taxi, while Sconciaforni was taken to the nearby police station to be charged.

So sad police ruined the girls' night out for... nothing actually!


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