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Subtly Upgraded 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Sports Side-Pipe Exhaust, Original V8

Ever since its introduction in 1953, the Chevrolet Corvette started its ascension to the status of quintessential American sports car. Named after a small warship, the Vette has been around in many shapes and sizes since, and it now finally presents itself as the mid-engine vehicle it was envisioned of being all along.
1967 Chevrolet Corvette 1 photo
As exciting as the new generation (the eighth) is, no one can forget the revolutionary incarnations that preceded it. Not all were extraordinary, of course, but the C2 is undoubtedly one of the best that ever was: and proof of that are the countless cars of this family still around, selling for big bucks on sales websites across America.

Stock or modified, there’s no shortage of head-turning C2s, but if we were to make a list, the one we here would certainly be at the top.

Belonging back in its youth to a “high-end body shop’s owner,” who spent a year and a half remaking it, the Silver Pearl Glasurit four-wheeler retains most of the original hardware and looks, and brings just enough enhancements to make incredibly alluring.

The car is on the lot of vehicles being sold by Canepa, and we’re being told its current condition is the result of a “no-expense-spared ground-up restoration” that saw the vehicle getting stripped of all of its components and reassembled after careful work on each and every part.

Under the hood, the matching numbers 327ci V8 engine was retained (with an output of 350 hp), and it works together with a 4-speed manual transmission that even if it is not original to this particular car, it is period-correct.

Sporting a side-pipe exhaust for “extra performance and growl,” the C2 adds a 427 Stinger hood, rechromed bumpers front and rear, and an almost all-original interior, with only the carpeting being replaced.

As said, the car is for sale, but in the usual Canepa style, we are not being told for how much. Don’t expect it to come cheap, though, given all the way it looks and the hardware it packs.

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