Subaru Thinks It’s a BMW and an Audi

Most people are confused when they want to but a car. They want the performance of a Japanese turbocharged motor that’s been tuned for rallying, but also the prestige, the badge and the luxury of a German machine.
Subaru Overkill 6 photos
Subaru OverkillSubaru OverkillSubaru OverkillSubaru OverkillSubaru Overkill
But one guy thought to himself “I know, why don’t I make a car that has both,” and he did just that. This 1993 Impreza WRX currently residing in Britain used to be a decent car all by itself, but now it look like a whole lot better thanks to a front end borrowed from the Audi A4 and a rear grafted from the previous-generation Bangle-era 5-Series BMW.

We’re only kidding, because the Audi/Subaru/BMW hybrid is an eyesore, but also a bit of a curiosity. We bet that if you take this to car shows, thousands of people will want to have their photos taken with this curiosity.

Currently, the car German Subaru is up for grabs on eBay Motos UK, with the current bid sitting at £4,000 ($6,200 / €5,100).

Story via GTSpirit


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