Subaru Impreza Is the Epitome of Grippy AWD

We all know how badly simply engineered some american pick-ups are, relying on their huge size and chunky styling to win over its American buyers (the Dodge Ram, for instance).
However, having a big engine and lots of weight is a handicap in any circumstance and if a pick-up happens to be towing something (a caravan, let’s say) and lacks four-wheel drive (most do), then the stage is set for embarrassment.

Strangely enough, there is a video which eloquently explains the aforementioned situation, while also adding another element into the mix - a second-generation Subaru Impreza WRX estate. How is the Subaru relevant? Well, let’s just say it has unbelievable levels of traction which save the day.

We were more-than-impressed by the WRX’s performance, as it pulls itself, the very heavy dodge pick-up truck and the even larger caravan it was towing out of the mud as if it was mildly damp tarmac - very impressive!


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