Stunning Futuristic Museum Dubbed “World’s Most Beautiful Building”, to Open in Dubai

A mysterious video shows a flying object, similar to a spacecraft, not landing on top of a building, but entering it, as the building’s roof slides open. This isn’t some scene from a videogame, but a presentation video of the new Museum of the Future, located in Dubai, before its grand opening scheduled for February 22, 2022.
A mysterious video shows a flying object entering the Museum of the Future 8 photos
Dubai Museum of the FutureDubai Museum of the FutureDubai Museum of the FutureDubai Museum of the FutureDubai Museum of the FutureDubai Museum of the FutureDubai Museum of the Future
If you were wondered which is the most beautiful building in the world, the newest one to claim this title is the Museum of the Future, opening tomorrow. Indeed, this building looking straight out of a Sci-Fi movie is an instant head-turner. Envisioned by Killa Design architects and engineered by the Buro Happold consultancy firm, this circular masterpiece is all about symbolism. It’s supposed to represent humanity, sitting on the earth (the green mound), while the unknown future is at its core (the void).

Boldly contrasting with high-rise towers, this circular building is 225-foot (77 meters) tall, with a total capacity of 30,548 square meters (328,815 square feet). If you’re wondering about the unusual design, those are actual quotes of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which, according to the Museum’s official presentation, are rendered in the calligraphy of Mattar bin Lahej. This incredible façade, made of stainless steel, is comprised of 1,024 pieces manufactured through an advanced, robot-assisted process.

As its name shows, this museum will be dedicated to various aspects of the future, including travel, climate change, health, and spirituality. It will combine conventional exhibitions with immersive theater and themed attractions, with each floor resembling a movie set that’s ready for interaction with the visitors. Not only designers but also artists and filmmakers participated in this unique project.

The most beautiful building in the world is ready to open its gates for the first time tomorrow. In anticipation of the inauguration, the government of Dubai shared an intriguing short video on social media, showing what seems to be a spacecraft flying over to the Museum of the Future and entering it. No other details were revealed, but the ones who will be attending the grand opening will most likely find out more about this mysterious flight and all the treasures hidden inside this spectacular piece of architecture.


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