Study: Only 1 In 5 Men Would Act Like Tom Hardy In A Bike Theft

Yesterday, we were reporting on a movie-like scene seeing actor Tom Hardy turn into a real-world superhero to apprehend a scooter thief. He succeeded, but how many regular citizens would attempt such a brave action? Well, figures from a new study show that you’d be better securing your motorcycle more efficient.
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Vehicle recovery expert Tracker performed a quick survey which reveals that Tom is largely alone when it comes to turning superhero. Only 16 percent of 200 people said they would intercept a thief stealing a motorcycle or scooter, and only 5 percent would actively pursue the offender.

If it were to compare the results by gender, one in five men said they would attempt to intervene versus one in ten women surveyed. Funny enough, more men than women said they would ignore it and walk by.

The good thing is that only 6% of the total 200 individuals surveyed would actually take no notice of the event. Fifty-seven percent said they would call the police immediately.

Even better, 24% of the women said they would also film the theft and share the footage with the law forces as evidence. In comparison, just 10% of men told the surveyors they would do the same.

“We would have loved to have seen the look of the suspected thief’s face when he realized who had outsmarted him," Tracker Head of Police Liaison Andy Barrs said. “But we wouldn’t recommend anyone taking the same action unless you are professionally trained in such matters, and even then you would need to exercise caution. Thankfully, Tom knew to check for weapons when he apprehended the suspect, but it could have ended on a more worrying note.”

In 2016, U.K. bike and moped theft increased by 40 percent, with a 44% rise in London alone. Commuter and delivery motorcycles/scooters are said to be most vulnerable to opportunist thieves who will further use them in street robberies, jewelry heists or even in other motorcycle thefts.

To lower the chances your bike being stolen, always use as many thief-deterring devices as you can. Count on disc locks, thick chains run through the bike’s frame or swingarm, alarms, and video cameras to monitor your parked bike.

Ultimately, your expensive machine can be equipped with a GPS tracker, but don’t just rely on that alone. There are methods to bypass that too.
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