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Study Finds Brits Still Drink and Drive, It Is As Bad as an Epidemic

The latest update in crash-related deaths shows that the lockdown has barely reduced the number of fatalities in the UK and that alcohol consumption is becoming even more common in these tragic situations. While the news focuses on a single country, these statistics are worrying on a global scale.
Latest drink-drive figures confirm UK’s underlying epidemic of drink driving remains unchecked 11 photos
Majority of UK Motorists Found Willing To Drive After Binge DrinkingMajority of UK Motorists Found Willing To Drive After Binge DrinkingMajority of UK Motorists Found Willing To Drive After Binge DrinkingDrink-driveMajority of UK Motorists Found Willing To Drive After Binge DrinkingMan Facing HeadlightsCar CrashCar CrashCar CrashDrunk Driving Warning
It is important to note that the figures we are referencing are from 2020, and they include nine months of restrictions in the UK, which should have limited driving and travel by car, along with travel in general.

Well, while that has happened, vehicle accidents still took place, and it has become more common for one of the drivers involved to have consumed an illegal quantity of alcohol.

As statistics from the Department for Transport show, in 2019, one in seven fatalities on the road involved a driver who consumed alcohol. Well, in 2020, over one in six of all fatal crashes involved the consumption of alcohol.

At this point, you might be wondering just how many fatal accidents were there in 2019 and in 2020 in the UK. Figures show that 230 people had died in vehicle crashes in 2019 that involved at least one driver who was over the drink-drive limit, while 2020 had fewer deaths in this situation, 220, but that is no improvement by any means.

Mind you, the figures above only refer to fatal crashes, as 2020 had 4,620 accidents, or an average of 12 a day, where at least one driver was over the alcohol limit in the UK. Almost one in four of those accidents, or 1,070 to be precise, were classified by police as being serious accidents, which represents about 26 serious accidents a week.

Back in 2019, the UK had recorded 1,390 serious accidents that involved drunk drivers, which can be interpreted in several ways. First, there might have been fewer people on the side of roads in 2020, and fewer people attended parties in 2020, which would explain the slight reduction in serious accidents.

Second, the figures do show that an alarming number of people who are supposed to be responsible adults have gotten behind the wheel after drinking alcohol and crashed their vehicles.

IAM RoadSmart proposes to make rehabilitation courses mandatory instead of opt-in for drivers who were caught driving while over the legal limit. Moreover, they suggest alcolocks should be more commonplace for some drivers.

The best way to avoid a DUI is to never drink and drive. You either decide to do one or the other if you meet up with your friends or something like that. If transportation is an issue, just order a taxi or use a ride-hailing app. Whatever the fare will be, it will be a smaller price to pay.

Editor's note: For illustration purposes, the photo gallery shows other statistics related to DUIs in the UK, along with a few images to show some of the consequences of drunk driving.

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