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Stripped-Out Acura NSX Looks Like a Ghost, Is Widebody Material

As you might have noticed, this Acura NSX has lost all of its body panels. And no, it hasn't been in any sort of trouble. Instead, this senior sportscar is currently in the midst of a transformation process that will see it embracing the aftermarket culture.
Stripped-Out Acura NSX 4 photos
This toy started out in life as a 1991 Acura NSX with a manual transmission, the kind that used to come in close-to-stock form when its current owner got a hold of it - the name of the gear head will explain the transformation: we're talking about Alexander Biscayne, who owns the European arm of Japanese widebody developer Tra Kyoto. So, this means the machine will get a Pandem widebody soon, right? Well, not neccesarily.

For now, the Acura has been stripped out, while it has received an air suspension, which explains the microscopic ground clearance you can notice in the Instagram posts below.

Now, you might want to know what goes through the mind of somebody who grabs this kind of collectible contraption and takes it down the aftermarket route. Well, the piece of footage at the bottom of the page will answer your questions - the YouTube clip comes from the said gear head and takes us through his story with the car (this was filmed before the Insta photos were snapped).

Interestingly, the said air suspension will be joined by custom wheels and a wing, but, according to the tuning lover, there's no widebody conversion in sight, at least for now. Nevertheless, the go-fast machine will get a new color, with white, black and dark red being among the top candidates.

Of course, given the age of the machine, the cabin requires a makeover. As is the case with the exterior, the transformation will be aimed at delivering a daily driver - the aficionado lives in Germany and he's planning to do everything by the book (think: TUV approval for a street-legal adventure).

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