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Stripeless Azzurro La Plata Ferrari 488 Pista Looks Perfect

It looks like the day when the Ferrari 488 Pista was introduced is so far away. After all, the Prancing Horse did introduce the 488 GTB-replacing F8 Tributo, as well as the LaFerrari-spanking SF90 Stradale meanwhile. However, with Pista deliveries still going strong, we have plenty of reasons to bring the track special back in the headlines.
Stripeless Azzurro La Plata Ferrari 488 Pista 1 photo
For instance, the example sitting before us makes the said process extremely facile. Heck, this thing has serious chances of becoming the favorite Pista spec of many aficionados.

And perhaps the most credit goes to the dichotomy that describes the spec of the 720 horsepower animal. On one hand, this Fezza is dressed in a color that's as wild as they get, with the hue having a name that matches it: Azzurro La Plata.

On the other hand, this Ferrari 488 Pista doesn't feature any stripes - the longitudinal color disonance that has come to define many Pista spec is missing here.

This truly allows the aero-shaped styling cues of the Italian exotic to shine through and perhaps even allows a closer visual comparison to the Lamborghini Huracan Performante (this is another story for another time, though).

This example of the car has recently found an owner, with the supercar having been sold by Ferrai Koln in Germany.

Now, all this talk about Azzurro La Plata (I just love the name of this hue) and the stripes might make one wonder how this shade looks when mixed with the said element.

Well, the said question was answered back in April and I'll remind you the car we discussed back then came with a fat white stripe.

And since I mentioned th Ferrari F8 Tributo in the intro, here's a black example of the 720 horsepower (same output as the Pista) toy doing its thing close to the Maranello mothership.


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