Stretch Limo Crashed into House Requires Jenga Specialist to Extract

If there's one particular vehicle that's strongly associated with the consumption of alcohol, then the stretch limo has to be it. These vehicles are like party lounges on wheels, but the booze is usually restricted to those traveling in the rear compartment.
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That may not have been the case here, even though the investigation is still underway and, at this point, there is no reason to suspect the driver was under the influence other than the sheer ridiculousness of what he did.

The extra-long vehicle was definitely speeding one morning when it went off the road, through a wooden fence and, some 15 yards further, crashed into the front end of a house. The forensics had not been completed at the time of the report, but the tracks on the lawn suggest the limo went sideways into the building.

Only the driver was hurt and taken to the hospital, but a school-aged child was sleeping in the ground floor room where the car pierced through at the time of the crash. The owner, Harjit Kheira, told News 1130 that she was now staying at her parents' house since her home was unusable.

The trick now is removing the limo turned battering ram. Simply pulling it out won't work because the vehicle had apparently taken out some of the building's structural elements, which means the whole thing could come tumbling down if it lost the support.

Engineers are now working on a solution that would probably involve installing provisional support struts that would allow taking the weight off the car and extracting it from under all that debris. “The limousine is supporting the house right now. So, they cannot just move it. I think… [they] have to put something underneath to stabilize the house,” Harjit Kheira told the news website.

After this pretty difficult operation is done, the police will begin their crash forensics analysis which should shed some light on what it was that caused the incident. Whatever they find out, one thing is certain: if you live in an area with a lot of stretch limos, you might want to consider upgrading your fence to a concrete one.
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