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Streets Are No Race Track and This Rider Finds Out the Hard Way

There are only a handful of motorcycle riders who have not given in to the temptation of letting their horsies loose along certain roads. There are countless others who are constantly lying about this, and there are those who openly admit they indulge in this quite often. It's not sincerity that brings all these categories together, but the face that, save for the first group, the others can get in big trouble just as easy as they lie or tell the truth.
This time, the guy was lucky 1 photo
In fact, it's not the fact that someone is lying or not that puts a man or woman, for that matter in an early grave. In the moment of truth, when decisions have to be made, it's the riding skills that play the main role.

We've seen riders speeding like mad on roads they barely knew, as we've seen riders crashing badly on roads they knew only too well, but decided to ride that extra mph past their limit. In the end, it's often that pain, blood, and destruction lay ahead when we decide to let loose and take whatever risk may befall us.

Some may praise the rider in the video below and how skilled he appears to be, at least until he makes a rookie error and crashes into oncoming traffic.

Ripping alongside mountain roads around blind turns is as stupid as it gets, and not because of the possibility of making rider errors, but of other motorists slightly cutting the corner. To this risk, we might add road hazards around the bend, such as water, sand, and gravel, rocks, slow or stuck vehicles, and, why not, fallen riders.

Luckily, this chap managed to slow down enough to avoid massive injuries and also appears to have impacted the car at the ideal angle, if "ideal" can be used in such a situation. A little more to the front and things could have ended much worse, with the car's hood serving as ramp for the rider, projecting him into the decor and mountain slope. No mattresses there, we bet.

And yes, the guy misses the turn dozens of yards before realizing things go awry... Lucky lad, hope he learned his lesson well.


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