Street Racing Videos: Stockholm Open 2011

Back in 1930s, alcohol prohibition in the US left certain individuals looking for ways to have a good time. Somehow, they came up with the idea of racing cars. In a straight line. On public roads.
Stockholm Open 2011 1 photo
The rest is illegal street racing history. This is what we’re told, but we don’t believe a word - people would’ve “discovered” street racing anyway -it’s enough to have two automobiles in the i world and somebody will want to see which one is faster.

All over the Globe, there are many kinds of street racing events. However, some are more special than others and we are here today to talk about one of the most important event of this kind, the Stockholm Open 2011.

Each year, the last weekend of August sees enthusiasts gather in Stockholm for a series of street races that brings enough adrenaline to last for an entire year (not that they wouldn’t race between the editions of the event).

This year the event was won by a Camaro, driven by someone called Robban. You can watch multiple races in the videos below.

The creators of the videos say that one of the most interesting races involved two Camaros, one which whipped the road with 1,000hp and another one that allowed its driver to play with 2,000 hp. Enjoy the ride!

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Video thumbnail


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