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Street Racing Video: Supra-Powered Volvo Sleeper vs BMW M5

The Toyota Supra is known as one of the most tunable cars in the word, but this also makes it very predictable in terms of street racing. Show up in a Supra and many will stay away from and you might end up being frustrated.
However, they guy in the adjacent video has found a creative way of dealing with this issue, as he has wrapped the twin-turbo 2JZ-GTE Supra engine (presumably also wearing heavy aftermarket gear) in a... Volvo 240, the mother of boxy cars.

The original 240 is already a cult car, but you wouldn’t expect it to win a drag race with even a horse. As for our subject, he decided to go out hunting on the highway after he completed the project. He selected an E60 BMW M5 as a pray and showed the Bimmer that big rear end of the station wagon. Enjoy!


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